AVONEX access and reimbursement

Broad formulary access to the #1 prescribed interferon for relapsing MS1,2,a,b

Preferred on CVS, Express Scripts, and Anthem2,c

No generic substitution3 for AVONEX

~8 out of 10 commercially insured patients pay $30 or less per month for AVONEX2,d

Biogen Copay Program

The Biogen Copay Program may lower medication cost to as little as $0 for eligible patients with commercial insurance.e

When cost may be a concern for your patients, Biogen may be able to help them start and continue on a Biogen therapy. We will work with your patients based on their individual needs.

Biogen Support Services offers a variety of different financial and insurance resources, including:

  • Communicating with insurance companies to clarify and confirm coverage, including assistance with the Prior Authorization process and denied claims
  • Insurance counseling that educates uninsured and underinsured patients on government insurance programs
  • If your patients need assistance with the Affordable Care Act, we can help patients and providers become familiar with insurance options
  • Financial assistance options, including the Biogen Copay Program or other possible financial assistance, when applicable

Please contact your Biogen Access & Reimbursement Manager (ARM) for more information on these resources or call Biogen Support Services at 1-800-456-2255 if you have any questions or concerns about patient access to AVONEX.

a74% of patients in the US have unrestricted access to AVONEX, defined as requiring a simple prior authorization that does not include an embedded step. Source: MMIT database as of April 8, 2021.2
bThis information is an estimate derived from the following IQVIA information service: IQVIA NPA® NBRx monthly data for the period September 2014-May 2022.
cSource: MMIT database as of November 15, 2021.2
dBased on Symphony claims data, January 2020–December 2020: 77% paid <$20, 84% paid <$40.2
eThere is an annual cap on the amount of assistance that patients can receive over a one-year period. Federal and state laws and other factors may prevent or otherwise restrict eligibility. People covered by Medicare, Medicaid, the VA/DoD, or any other federal plans are not eligible to enroll. Patients are eligible to enroll in the Biogen Copay Program for as long as it is offered and they are treated with a Biogen relapsing MS medication.

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