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Biogen Support Services provides a
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Biogen Case Managers
Biogen Case Managers

For your patients, Biogen Case Managers will:

  • Contact your patients with a welcome call, once they are prescribed, as well as with periodic follow-up calls
  • Educate patients about available financial assistance options for AVONEX

For your office, Biogen Case Managers will:

  • Provide your office with patient status updates to help you stay up to date with their treatment
Live Nurse Educator Support
Live Nurse Educator Support

Nurse Educators are registered nurses, and many are MS certified. They can:

  • Explain what to expect during treatment and provide ongoing disease and treatment education
  • Educate about available resources
  • Deliver in-home or virtual injection training
  • Send your office updates on how your patients are doing with the injection training
  • Visit your office to talk to your staff about how they can support your patients on AVONEX
  • Train your staff on how best to support MS patients
Financial & Insurance Support
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Biogen Support Services will work with your patients based on their individual needs. We offer a variety of different financial and insurance resources, including:

  • Providing coverage support through reimbursement services and a Copay Assistance Program for eligible patients
  • Providing a summary of benefits for each patient by completing a benefits investigation
  • Connecting with the Biogen Copay Program, which may lower medication costs for eligible patients with commercial insurance
Ongoing Treatment Support
Ongoing Treatment Support

Nurse Educators provide ongoing support that continues after your patients leave the office and throughout their treatment journey. They:

  • Offer refresher injection training available for your AVONEX patients at any point during treatment
  • Send regular status reports to your office about patient engagement with the program and updates on their needs
Live Access Support
Live Access Support

Biogen Case Managers:

  • Communicate with insurance companies
  • Guide your office through the prior authorization process
  • Connect patients with financial support options
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